About Us

The VideoChip company was created by a magazine editor, a photographer, an electrical engineer, and a marketing expert. We typically shoot videos for people who want to preserve memories on DVDs and on various other media for friends and relatives to see and enjoy. These are treasured memories of a life well lived. Of course, we realize there are good times and not so good times in all our lives, but the good times are worth taking a couple of hours to narrate in front of a small, non-intimidating camera. It is really fun to do. First, we give you a list of topics to review that are designed to jog your memory about certain events that you want to discuss when on camera. We do not expect you to memorize anything. This event is entirely informal. Any parts you don’t like are edited out of the final version. You can even use notes! Next, we take our lights and cameras to your home, and within minutes, we are ready to begin the shooting session. During the shoot, the camera may be turned off and on again as it suits you. When the session is over, we return to our studio and create a sample DVD for you to review. You are the judge of what content you wish to save or delete. When you have decided on the content, we make the final copy for you. Two DVDs are provided with the cost of the interview, and there is a charge for each additional copy. Let us get together and have some fun recalling all those amazing things you did! They are saved in your “movies” for ever.