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Planned Events

Mountain Trek Photoshoot

Well, at least I can dream....

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Walking the Trails with My Camera

This is more my style: walking along a safe path!

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The Landscapes are Unlimited

I am not a professional photographer: I am an amateur photographer and a senior citizen who loves to travel and photograph all the places that I visit. Currently, I limit my reach to the Northeastern United States, primarily Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York. This website is primarily intended to showcase the photographs that I like best and want to share with my family. But I also want to share my journeys with you as I discover new scenes and revisit some of the old ones that I particularly enjoy, such as Letchworth State Park in New York, and Shipshewana in Indiana. Maybe if you see the photos, they will encourage you to get out and do some exploring too. I have always loved the outdoors and will continue to enjoy trekking around as long as I am physically able to do so. I have more than 3000 photos in my most recent archives, but not to worry, I will only share the best ones with you, and I think it will be a manageable number! Thank you for visiting this site, and have an enjoyable time exploring and  photographing our planet. JG-1/12/19.

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Upcoming Trips & Destinations

Our plans for 2019 include trips to Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York. We will be visiting popular tourist attractions, such as museums, national and local parks, arboretums, nature trails, antique malls, relatives, and good restaurants. We don't plan to do exactly what you see in the four stock photographs below (we did all this 50 years ago), but we will be viewing the landscape from a very stunning vantage point.

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