Get Ready


Before the filming session, you will receive a comprehensive list of topics to help you remember the great things you would like to include in your video. The following is a condensed form.

Interview Questions Summary

1. Birth to age 12: Who and what were some of the most significant people, places, and things that you remember while growing up?

2. Teen years, 13 to 18: Discuss the important activities and people you want to remember during your school years, summer vacations, and high school through graduation.

3. Post teen years: Did you look for a job, join the military, seek another vocation, or plan to go to school?

4. College or other additional education: What colleges or schools did you attend, and what were your most memorable experiences?

Elaborate on the following:

Marriage or other vocation:  Children and grandchildren: Occupations and military service: Places where you lived: Hobbies and other interests: Retirement years.

Summary: You are free to think about and discuss anything else in your life that your family would enjoy knowing about you. You can reveal secrets, or make astonishing statements! Tell a favorite joke. Above all, this is your life, as you would have others know and enjoy it.