Our Team


Cofounder, John R. Gyorki, describes himself as a “youthful senior citizen.” Not surprisingly, then, he has come to appreciate the need to save his most cherished memories and experiences in videos and photographs for his children and grandchildren to enjoy. John has been taking photographs and shooting movies for more than 50 years–but not as a vocation!  Before evolving into a senior, he was (and still is!) an electrical engineer, designing products primarily in the automotive and aerospace industries during two-thirds of his career. But, if that was not enough, John also authored and coauthored several technical books and training courses, and was editor of three high-tech magazines, two of which he helped launch during the last third of his formal career. John and his wife Carol of 50 years, have two boys and six grandchildren, all interested in music, art, and design. VideoChip Digital Studios comes from John’s passion to share his interests in art, science, and photojournalism with others through memory videos produced at affordable prices.


Cofounder, Bob Fay, is also a senior who teamed up with John to create VideoChip Digital Studios. Bob’s career spans decades, initially as a sales and marketing specialist and later as an inventor and director at a leading pharmaceutical corporation. He brings his vast sales and marketing skills to make VideoChip an appealing and economical venue for other senior citizens to engage and preserve their memories. After Bob narrated our first memory video, we and many of our friends were so pleased with the results that we decided to shoot similar videos for others in our age group. Bob and his wife Peggy, have five children and three young grandchildren who watched the video and learned a few surprising, but enjoyable things about their grandparents! Bob is also active in his church and local community food banks, where he collects and delivers food and other goods to churches and community centers for needy, unemployed, and homeless people.