VideoChip Products and Services


Our standard product is a high-quality, HD (high-definition, wide-screen) Memory Video DVD containing video images and sound, captured with a professional SONY digital camera. In addition, two additional sound channels are captured with a professional TEAC digital audio recorder. You can play the DVD on most televisions and computers. The video also contains photos from clients that comprise a slide-show segment. In addition, the sound channels contain the clients’ narration and copyright-free music during the slide show. We edit the video with Adobe Photoshop and Premier 13. The editing process is the most time-consuming portion of postproduction, which includes a title page, scene selection buttons, and a credit page.

The cost is $499.99 for the interview, processing, editing, and two copies of the DVD. Additional DVDs cost $19.99 each up to four copies, and $9.99 for each additional copy thereafter.


Because the most expensive part of producing a professional video is editing, we can offer a less-expensive option for a “Home Video” style DVD. We produce this DVD during the initial interview and shooting session. In this version, “you get what you do.” It does not contain music, titles, or credits, since we cannot edit the video; we burn to the DVD as you narrate your memories.

The cost of the non-edited DVD is $179.99 with one DVD. Additional DVDs are $29.99.


Another product we offer is a slide-show DVD of photographs that you submit. It includes copyright-free music and an optional three-minute introductory narration, plus title and credit pages. The photos are shown in the same color as the original that is submitted.

The cost of this product is $249.99, which includes photo processing, editing, and two DVDs. Additional DVDs cost $19.99 each up to four copies, and $9.99 for each additional copy.


The least-expensive, lasting memory we can offer is an audio CD of your interview, which is much like what you would hear on a “Public Radio Broadcast.” We can edit out certain portions, but we cannot re-record it to insert clips after the CD is completed.

The cost for this CD is $149.99, and additional CDs are $9.99.

All of these products can be recorded up to one hour in duration, however, we recommend that you consider 35 to 45 minutes.


All finished Memory Videos and Audio recordings are protected under copyright laws by VideoChip Digital Studios. These video and audio recordings shall not be copied in any form or media without written permission from VideoChip Digital Studios.


VideoChip Digital Studios also has the equipment and talent for producing videos for commercial purposes. Gyorki has written, produced, and directed numerous magazine articles, news previews, new product reviews and introductions, training videos, product photographs, and advertisements, both in hard copy and in videos. We can develop costs in cooperation with your sales and marketing departments in two ways: we can prepare the cost for a new project, or we can reverse engineer your budget to make the project fit but still deliver your objectives. Call us for an appointment to review your needs.