Who Are We?

Our Mission

My wife and I have been married for 54 years now, and we have been retired for some time. During those years, our travels took us across much of the United States and Canada. In addition, I was fortunate enough to visit a few other countries while working for several companies that needed my technical skills in those regions. My career work has been partitioned into three phases: engineering design, technical writing, and engineering consulting. During my truly fulfilled lifetime, photography and videography has always been a hobby. But I had mentors of the highest caliber through those years: three uncles who engaged in photography as a profession. Today, my wife and I have made our mission a wish to continue traveling and capturing the world in photos and videos. Soon, I will also have an active YouTube channel where I expect to share more photography fun.


Extraordinary Experiences

I must say, my most memorable offshore trips included those to Europe where I visited several locations in Great Britain, Germany, and Switzerland. The Americas have some pretty stunning places, too.

Our Core Values

Without a doubt, our core values include being thoughtful caretakers of this planet. Today, this is the only place we have, so it is prudent to keep it clean and inhabitable. Unfortunately, not everyone shares these same values. We also have the awesome responsibility of taking care of wildlife.

  • Don't litter. Take your trash with you: carry in, carry out.
  • Be an advocate for proper disposal of chemicals.
  • Take care of your pets as though they are your brothers and sisters, because they are. God created them to be what they are. They help us in many ways.
  • Shoot wild animals with a camera.